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Art & reality

Performance is called Art & reality & it clearly shows that art is not able to solve the fundamental problems of humanity. Of course, it’s essential to recognize the multifaceted impact of art on society, art has a power to provoke, challenge norms & ignite conversations, all of which contribute to collective understanding of the world’s issues.

Artists often serve as witnesses of society, capturing the human experience & reflecting it back to us in a various forms, their work can provide a platform for dialogue, empathy & introspection.

Moreover, art has historically tried to play a crucial role in shaping social & political movements. From the anti-war songs & literature to the powerful visual images of civil right protests, but still, it could never directly prevent the next catastrophe.

So many anti-war books have been written, artists are constantly digesting and reflecting on the horrors of reality, but this is not able to stop the horror that humanity is facing again & again. As people fought 1000 years ago, they still fight today, as if the experience gained and everything that was created by artists all this time have no meaning.

Thus, it is obvious that the world is ruled by some other forces, but not art with its introspection. Art today seems to be completely useless, infantile entertainment. Artists exist on their own separate world, and terrible reality exists on its own. We can see the war on the video projection. This is not only a modern war, these are chronicles of different wars at different times and in different countries. Against the backdrop of all this, artists (performers) continue to create – write, draw, dance.

As if it doesn’t concern them, they exist in their own separate world against the backdrop of horrors and the nightmare of reality.

Düsseldorf, K21. 2022.

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