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Art & Reality

Performance is called Art & reality & it clearly shows that art is not able to solve the fundamental problems of humanity. Of course, it’s essential to recognize the multifaceted impact of art on society, art has a power to provoke, challenge norms & ignite conversations, all of which contribute to collective understanding of the world’s issues.

Artists often serve as witnesses of society, capturing the human experience & reflecting it back to us in a various forms, their work can provide a platform for dialogue, empathy & introspection.

Düsseldorf, K21. 2022.

In a sleep

In this performance, the bed represents a metaphorical space where one can escape from the realities of life. It symbolizes a state of contentment and comfort, shielded from the challenges and complexities that come with being fully awake and engaged in the world.

The bed, personified as a living being, exists solely within the realm of sleep. It is oblivious to the happenings outside its cocoon, representing how many of us go about our lives without truly engaging with the world around us.

Moscow, Art4 Museum, 2021.

Kitchen poetry

The performance was shown on March 8 and is dedicated to feminism.

The characters combine femininity and elements of everyday life, in particular kitchen, in their costumes.

Bows and lace are combined with ugly pots, and a flower bouquet is cut for salad and used to prepare minced meat. This fusion of elements serves to challenge traditional notions of femininity & highlight the beauty & strength in everyday life.

Moscow, Meyerhold Centre, 2021.


Performance is based on the paintings of Salvador Dali. It was made for the premiere performance of Anna Verdi “Russian Muse of Salvador Dali”.

Moscow 2021.

Midsummer night’s dream 2019

The performance was created for the event Midsummer night’s dream & is based on the novel «The Decameron» by J.Boccaccio.

Moscow 2019.

Exhibition’s opening

This performance is timed to coincide with the opening of my personal exhibition at the Zdes’ na Taganke gallery & contains my works from previous projects.

Moscow, Zdes’ na Taganke, 2021.

Garden guard

The costumes are inspired with the armour of the medieval knights.

France, Normandie. Les jardin d’Etretat 2019.

Tsaritsino, White story

This performance is an improvisation on the topic of a fairy tale.

Moscow 2019.

Tsaritsino, Palace inhabitants

The performance took place in the Catherine Hall of the large palace of the Tsaritsyno Museum.

Moscow, Tsaritsyno Palace, 2020.

Scream & silence

In this performance two plans exist in parallel. In the background, a large screen displays a constantly scrolling news feed, depicting global conflicts, political unrest & social injustices.
Moscow, CCI Fabrica 2018.

Earth, Human, Sky

This performance contains all the key images – fish, birds, flowers, bed, as well as the main color – all costumes are white.

Moscow, Ground Khodynka, 2018.

Tbilisi fashion week

This performance was created for the presentation of jewelry by designer Sopho Gongliashvili, which took place as part of
Tbilisi Fashion Week.

Tbilisi 2017.

Sea urchins

The entire performance developed from a photo of Salvador Dali with his performers, taken on the beach.

Moscow 2018.

Midsummer night’s dream 2018

The performance was created for the Midsummer night’s dream event, themed as the Garten of Eden. Considering this conception all the masks are made of fictitious flowers & plants.

Moscow, Serednikovo mansion, 2018.
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