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Earth Human Sky

This performance contains all the key images – fish, birds, flowers, bed, as well as the main color – all costumes are white.

What is happening is on the verge of a dreamlike escapism and reality; in a conditional room there are characters who cannot leave it, they are like trapped & unable to venture beyond its boundaries because they are too white and fragile, and can only exist in this environment.

The whiteness of the outfit represents purity & the state of being untainted & also implies their vulnerability. They long for a deeper connection with a real world, as suggested by their raking of the ground, which is an attempt to become more grounded through being closer to the earth, but at the same time they are dancing against the backdrop of a projected clouds, so they still find themselves drawn towards the sky, which is so faraway.

Moscow, Ground Khodynka, 2018.

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