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Scream & silence

In this performance two plans exist in parallel.
In the background, a large screen displays a constantly scrolling news feed, depicting global conflicts, political unrest & social injustices.

This serves as a visual reminder of the issues occurring outside the immediate lives of the performers, existing in the foreground.

Dressed in costumes, resembling swaddling sheets & bedding, they symbolise both the comfort & the ignorance that we often wrap ourself in. Their actions are repetitive & mundane as they engage in a daily routines such as eating, reading, meditating & caring for their children. They appear oblivious to the chaos unfolding behind them.

 Through their detached & indifferent demeanor , the performers embody the apathy that permeates society. They prioritise their own comfort & well-being, remaining unaffected to the turmoil present in the world This indifference represents the narrow perspective through which many of us view the world, choosing to remain disconnected from the suffering of others.

In the end, the two parallel realities never intersect. The performers remain unaware of the chaos depicted in the news feed, and the background world remains distant and separate from their daily lives. This serves as a haunting reminder of the way society often remains insulated and indifferent to the plight of others, choosing comfort over empathy& social responsibility.

Moscow, CCI Fabrica 2018.

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