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Midsummer night’s dream 2019

The performance was created for the event Midsummer night’s dream & is based on the novel «The Decameron» by J.Boccaccio.

As the ship sails aimlessly through the river, a group of people & animals gather around the table to find solace in each others company & enjoy a small talk as a distraction from the instability of their existence.

This dinner is used as a mean of escape, a way to temporary forget about their uncertain future. As the ship continues to sail, tension reis, and the characters confront their own fears. The sense of isolation & instability that permeates the ship becomes a catalyst for deeper introspection & self-discovery.

«The Decameron» depicted through this performance serves as a reminder that even in the face of uncertainty, humans seek solace in companionship, creativity & imagination.

Moscow 2019.

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